The Farm

In summer, pastures are lush and plentiful but when the cattle need to be moved to other paddocks visitors enjoy observing or helping. There are chooks, a shetland pony, a small horse, sheep (cuddle a lamb), to be fed and fresh farm eggs to be collected. Followed by a refreshing dip or a spot of fishing in the Wilson River. Or a riverside picnic at one of the beautiful tall timbered local spots.

The superb Autumn weather makes farm or bush walking and cycling appealing in the very attractive outdoors.

Winter's cooler weather browns off the grass and the cattle need to be "fed out". Visitors enjoy helping.

Springtime brings the calves and lambs to frolic on the greening pastures.

All year round there is cattleyard work, crops to be sewn and harvested. 

A friendly, informative dairy farming neighbour allows visitors to watch the milking process. Woolly pet sheep get shorn. There are fish in the river to be caught. Children learn a lot about the source and production of their daily foods. And there are the spectacular panoramas from the verandahs to be enjoyed while relaxing.

The night skies are enchanting and visitors also enjoy going 'spotlighting' for night creatures in the four wheel drive with Col.

Hastings Valley

A range of activities await visitors to the Hastings Valley. For those favouring water activities in the warmer months we recommend a visit to enjoy a choice of whale watching, jet ski hire, fishing charters and scuba diving.


Port Macquarie Camels

Looking for something different? Take a leisurely stroll along the beaches of Port Macquarie with the uniquely fun Port Macquarie Camels.



Billabong Koala Park

Popular to many visitors is the Billabong Koala Park where guests can have their photograph taken while patting a koala, spend time feeding the monkeys, or simply enjoy the incredible diversity of Australian Wildlife available for viewing.

Local Horse Riding

Relax with horse trail riding at Bellrowan Valley Horse Riding. Catering for any level of rider enjoy either out track rides or overnight treks.


Kids Crazy Maze

The Kids Crazy Maze offers safe endless childrens fun at the amazing indoor play centre and cafe.